Quantified Care

Quantified Care


Quantified Care gives users the ability to track health metrics to take control of their chronic disease.. The app also opens a stream of communication for patients and nurses, doctors, and healthcare providers. Users can ask nurses and doctors questions along with read help content that helps them to understand their disease state. The platform consisted of a mobile application for patients and a desktop application for nurses and healthcare providers.


Many forms of healthcare tracking require medical devices. Many of these devices, like Bluetooth scales and blood pressure cuffs, can connect to tracking applications. Automation was on the road map, but not implemented at this stage of development. We created an alternative that was nearly as easy.

Strategy & Solution

To solve this problem we created a “swipe right” form interaction. Users could answer a question on one screen and jump to the next as they confirmed. This also achieved the degree of modularity that required to create forms for multiple disease states.

Deliverables Included

  • Mobile prototype
  • Desktop wireframes
  • User journeys
  • Personas
  • Branding template

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